Artist statement

I am Christina Jarmolinski.

Christina Jarmolinski

I have been painting for approximately thirty years. I express my creativity in my art. I have gathered my imagination through traveling throughout different cultures, reading, teaching (especially children) and communicating with many creative individuals.

My urge in painting is to experiment. I merge collage with paints - forming a conglomerate of visible ideas. Other times I integrate the printed matter without noticeably showing its origin. My newest works, after Abstract Expressionism, are clearly designed and border on Pop art. My passion for photography has had an important influence on this development.

It is my ambition to creatively experiment and jump into the many diverse techniques, endlessly attempting to create new expressions and facets of art. “Art is my life.” as I stated in my website.

Having completed New Britain High School in Connecticut, I left for Germany to study, also moving onto study painting at the highly acclaimed Oskar Kokoschka's “School of Seeing” in Salzburg, Austria and to classes in abstract painting at the university in Trier, Germany. In 1978, I was elected a nominee for the Bavarian Ceramics Award, a grant from the German region of Swabia.

Apart from my education, I had the opportunity to work with the well-known sculptor Erich Schmidt-Unterseher for 10 years in Augsburg, Germany. During this time I worked as a stage painter at the municipal theater in Augsburg, and as an art instructor at diverse colleges and institutes in Germany.

Travelling extensively throughout Italy, Holland and India, studying the various local cultures, I was mostly attracted to the intensive colors of Indian daily life and have become a continuous source of my inspiration. After living in India my palette found more colorful hues, abandoning the dark tones of my earlier work.


I am teaching painting for more then 25 years in the "Schwaben Akademie Irsee" and formerly at the community college of Augsburg teaching adults. In 1990 and again in 1991 I painted the façade and the corridors of the Park School in Augsburg. As I have been quoted by the press "Art combined with architecture is art for everyone”. In the German museum "Oberschoenenfeld" I taught children art appreciation and painting. It is a joy for me to teach children, opening up the world of art to them and watching their eyes glow with enthusiasm. Then the fantasy sets in, and they paint pure abstract art.

In 1994 I returned to the United States, experiencing considerable interest in my art. I exhibited in collective shows with other colleagues and the late Robert Rauschenberg and in; the Alliance for the Arts, Ft. Myers, in the Gallery Arts for Act, Fort Myers, Gallery Big Arts, Sanibel, and in galleries in Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, and Naples (Florida). I frequently showed my art in one-woman art shows at Gallery Syzygy and Sans Frontiers in Ft. Myers.

In 2000, Roger Horné, correspondent for the news channel N-TV, filmed at my studio in Fort Myers, Florida, which was broadcasted throughout Europe. Over the past years, my paintings have been sold internationally to private collectors in the USA, Germany, India, Italy and Holland.

I then lived in Germany from 2001 until 2008, we established and operated a gallery in Germany, "Der Malerhof". It was a great success showing contemporary art and world-known artists.

In addition I was an art teacher in my own art school "Der Malerhof", teaching adults and children alike. Some of my younger students are studying art at prestigious art institutions, such as "Der Kunstakademie Muenchen". Others may advance into studies of art therapy. I am very thrilled to have influenced these young people and taught them to be creative expressing themselves in paintings.

It is my ambition to open minds for art, seeing the world with new eyes and animating my students to be creative.

I enjoy doing portraits. Most are done as commissioned work. I am glad to report I have many art collectors worldwide.

My upcoming art show is in February 2009. I will be showing my work again, in Ft. Myers at, Arts for Act Gallery. My exhibition’s theme will be “Tropical Expressionism".


Christina Jarmolinski

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